Monday, 1 February 2016

Who is Lahari Mahalanabish?

I hail from the country which has an ocean named after it, and from the city in that country where the scientist on whom the second part of Higgs boson particle is named, studied and accomplished his path-breaking research.
Since childhood, I had been enraptured by the beauty of art, literature and music and had spent many happy hours in their pursuit. However, I decided to become a software engineer, my interest in engineering fueled by my love for Mathematics and stemming from the belief that this profession would gift me the opportunity to solve a lot of challenging Mathematical problems. Out of all the different branches of engineering, I opted for software because my parents felt it was the best engineering stream for a girl and for a change I obeyed them without questioning. To my utter dismay, I discovered that my job did not involve much Mathematics but required other forms of logical, problem solving skills. Initially, I was terrified of all these programming languages which were hammered into my skull like some obnoxious noise. Gradually, I came to comprehend and appreciate how these few English words and symbols could be arranged, like bricks of a castle into computer programs that performed something as wonderful as transferring trillions of data records through a catacomb of virtual channels.

Bouncing back to my other interests, I have always aspired to be a professional writer. My first book of poems was published in 2007, soon after I had graduated from my university. Then my job usurped my life and consumed most of my energies. On top of that I remained too overwhelmed by the experiences of the romantic dates I had been to (in my mind). Finally my marriage in 2013 under extraordinarily dramatic circumstances cured me of such proclivities and I sat down to write my second book, although now I have a baby to care for as well. 

Instead of confining this blog to literature alone, I would like to discuss whatever captures my imagination, stirs my soul, churns my thoughts, burns me with anguish, tickles me enough to erupt into fountains of uproarious laughter or plunges me into bottomless sorrow. Too heavy? No. I might even share cooking recipes, disclose funny incidents from my daily life, review movies and eventually whisk you from your drudgery to the tumult of my travels.

Here are the links to my short stories/poems that had appeared in literary journals:-

           Short Fiction






Disclaimer: Not all stories about pretty, young women are based on me.


  1. Hi Lahari,

    Don’t know if you remember me from school. Discovered your blog while reading updates about your daughter on Facebook. Really enjoy reading about her as well as your writing. Keep up the good work and look forward to more such!

    Best wishes,
    Preeti Ramachandran

    1. Hi Preeti,
      Of course I remember you. I am delighted that you made some time to go through my writings. Did you read the short fictions and poems too?

      You are a doctor, right? Where do you stay now?